Havana Guppy


At the tender age of three, Havana Guppy demonstrated an early love and fascination with being on screen. Her father took copious amounts of home movies of his four daughters, but somehow, Havana always seemed to steal the lens. It was her father who inspired her to consider a genuine career in film and television by thinking beyond these simple family films. When Havana was nine, she bravely stepped into a scene study class at the prestigious Railtown Actors Studio. At first, she was scared off, but came back when she was eleven as she was determined to get the training she knew she needed to be a great actress one day. This year, at just 17 years of age, Havana was accepted into the adult class under the direction of Kate Twa (which is by invitation only) where she has been delving deeply into character development. During her formative years, while she didn't always work as much as she desired, quitting was never in this girl's vocabulary. The harder she had to train, the more focused she was on fulfilling every dream within her heart. Directors began to appreciate her efforts and slowly the roles grew. Recently, all of Havana's hard training paid off. She was invited to audition for an auspicious role in Hulu's new series pickup 'Shut Eye'. The moment Havana read about the role of Drina, she made an instant connection with this troubled teenage girl who is navigating her position within a gypsy mafia family. Upon landing the role, this young beauty couldn't wait to immerse herself in a character that on the surface appears to be merely another rebellious teen, but who Havana sees and plays as much more. Once she began working opposite Angus Sampson, who plays Fonzo, her father, everyone sensed the natural connection between the two that only grew as the season progressed. Even more thrilling was the remarkable opportunity she was afforded of working with Isabella Rossellini, who plays her grandmother, Rita. While filming 'Shut Eye', Havana was called to audition for the new SyFy Network show 'Aftermath'. Havana won the role of Mary, a young girl in the post-Apocalyptic world, who has joined up with a religious sect. Rounding out her current roles, Havana recently stepped out of her drama-comfort-zone and challenged herself in a comedic role in an episode of the Netflix comedy 'Haters Back Off', starring the popular American YouTuber, Miranda Sings. As she continues on her quest of telling stories that cause audiences to experience the entire gamut of emotions, Havana is committed to being as authentic as possible in every aspect of her life and career. Whether portraying a small comedic role or a recurring dramatic character where she has to probe deeply below the surface, Havana is a gifted young woman who will always approach every one of her roles without judgment and with a generous amount of heart, soul, grace, and talent.


Movie Name Release Date
Shut Eye December 7, 2016