Ibrahim Renno


Ibrahim Renno was born in Amman, Jordan. He comes from a mixed background, which allows him to play characters from different ethnicities in several languages. From a very early age, Renno starred in numerous TV commercials and stage productions. After high school, He left Jordan and traveled around the Middle East, Europe, and Dubai, where he lived for ten years. Renno attended the New York Film Academy, based in Abu Dhabi, and other various acting, filmmaking and writing workshops. His acting teachers and colleagues took instant notice of his talent and invited him to play roles in many independent film productions. After gathering ample international experience in acting and producing, Renno then wrote, directed and acted in his own film titled "Motel Fin de la Route," which was filmed on location in Dubai. Taking inspiration from other artists in the industry who have traveled to the U.S. with nothing but a dream, Renno boarded a flight from Dubai to Los Angeles, where he currently lives and works. In Los Angeles, Renno has garnered leading and supporting roles in television and film, and principal roles in commercials. He looks forward to the unfolding of his journey in his new home country America.


Movie Name Release Date
The Looming Tower February 28, 2018