Marcus Powell


Marcus Powell transitioned from Philadelphia to Atlanta Georgia to pursue his dream of becoming a star in the entertainment industry. With a passion for acting, comedy and music he realized changing his surroundings would give him the diversity he needed to indulge and turn dreams into his reality.Having the passion to be apart of such a talented entertainment world In 2013 that's when he begun to take it all serious and now been featured on a few big movies, music videos,and TV shows. Marcus also has an awesome personality being naturally funny so he decided to make his own You tube channel using that and social media as a platform to promote his comedy. Marcus also likes to write and create his own ideas/concepts so that one day the youth can take and learn from his story. He want the world to know his story & not to condone any negative that some people might take from it but by making the world a better place by spreading his knowledge from the things he encountered on his way to greatness.


Movie Name Release Date
Syn October 6, 2017