Tyron Ricketts


Tyron Ricketts has been an artist in Germany since 1995, and is an accomplished actor, television host, film maker and spokesperson. He has leading acting credits in over 25 film productions and in 24 separate television series, including as a starring series regular on one of Germany's most highly rated shows. He has been profiled by leading newspapers, industry trades and magazines, and because of his celebrity he was selected to headline a highly promoted racial tolerance initiative by the German government. His recent starring title role was in the acclaimed, live action short film, The Roar of the Sea. The film was selected by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences among nine other film finalists to compete for inclusion in this years Oscar for best live action short film at the 84th Academy Awards on February 26, 2012.8 In likely his most famous role, Mr.Ricketts' starred for three (3) seasons as detective "Patrick Diego Grimm" in SOKO Leipzig, one of Germany's highest rated television series that boasts an average audience of over five million viewers per episode. The popular crime series SOKO Leipzig is similar to that of CBS' NCIS: Miami and NCIS: Los Angeles franchise series in the U.S. SOKO Leipzig airs on Germany's national public television broadcaster, ZDF. To point, Mr. Ricketts' high-profile role of "Detective Grimm" in SOKO Leipzig made him the obvious choice to use his notoriety to lead the German government's highly promoted Respect 2010 campaign for racial tolerance. As an artist in the in the public eye since 1995, Mr. Ricketts has enjoyed sustained interest in his work and has been the focus of numerous articles in notable publications such as Westdeutsch Zeitung, Ex-Berliner, Cast, Playboy, Frau Aktuell, Berliner Morgenpost and many other articles published both in Germany and abroad. Gina Belafonte, the producer of HB09s documentary, Sing Your Song, that profiled her famous father, has assisted Tyron Ricketts in coming to the US to continue his valuable work also on this side of the ocean. Tyron Ricketts expended his career as a film maker, producing and directing content for Harry Belafonte's organization Sankofa.org and is working on other valuable documentary projects.


Movie Name Release Date
Dogs of Berlin 2018-09-01