AND..there’s a protestor threatening to jump off the overpass onto the highway, the Dodgers are playing a series at home, it’s the midterm county elections AND the guy in the car next to you just sh*t his pants. For reals. It’s a really, really, bad day to be on the road…

Inspired by character driven sketch comedy series such as Portlandia, SNL and Kids In The Hall, GRIDLOCKED is a 7-episode digital-series that takes the audience inside seven different cars stuck in the same gridlocked LA traffic jam. The wildly different characters from car to car, enduring their own absurdlity, intersect into the lives of the cars around them via synchronicity. This through-line style of sketch based storytelling gives the story more heart than 1-n-done style sketches and creates a cohesive world admidst of chaos and impersonal nature that defines Los Angeles traffic.

GRIDLOCKED is comprised of an all star team directed by Emmy and Streamy nominated director Scott M. Brown (Larry King Now, Destroy the Alpha Gammas and Stockholm) and written by Zack Gold (Upright Citizens Brigade). Episodes include the familiar faces, Andrew Keegan (10 Things I Hate About You, Camp Nowhere), Richard Riehle (Office Space, Bridesmaids), Jon Lindstrom (Emmy nominee Port Charles), Michelle Glavan (of YouTube’s Awkward Kids and Ladies of Rap), Elizabeth Ferraris (Hipsterhood), Brittani Noel (Stockholm) and many others! Character actor, Zack Gold (IAWTV Nominee for Best Actor in A Comedy Web Show) appears as different characters in every episode.

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