ZOZO “the space fugitive” is a web-series action-cartoon.His head is priced for 7,000,000 Zollars.
His passion: the search for rare objects often found in bad owners. He spends his life of escape pursuits throughout the universe in search of precious objects. Because yes! At each episode ZOZO travels from planets to space ships, fighting Aliens or robbing the most unusual places. You’re going to tell me he’s a thief! Well, yeah ! He’s a thief! ZOZO is curious, kind, skilled, observant, loyal, attaching, carefree, insightful, forward-looking and is the king of improvisation, which often leads him into incredible situations or adventures. But we must not rely on appearances! This small “green bonzomme” is a formidable warrior. Thanks in particular to its antenna that it handles with a formidable agility. ZOZO is a concentrate of energy that never gives up.


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